Level 3 - The Call Of The Wild B1

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Karton Kapak
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13,00 X 19,50 X 0,50
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119,00 ₺
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Buck learnt how dogs slept in the cold. He chose a place and dug a hole for himself. He slept there comfortably and soundly. But he growled, barked, and snarled in his dreams during his sleep in the warm hole under the snow. When he opened his eyes, at first he did not know where he was. It had snowed all night and he was completely buried in snow, so he felt frightened in his little hole. The fear of wild animals swept through his body. He knew no trap could fear him. He moved his muscles under the snow and got out of the hole. He was happy to see daylight again. He was on his feet, shaking his body to get rid of the snow on his body.