Level 2 - Black Beauty A2-B1

Yayınevi / Marka :
Yazar :
Barkod :
Sayfa Sayısı :
Kağıt Cinsi :
Karton Kapak
En-Boy-Yükseklik :
13,00 X 19,50 X 0,50
Stokta Var
Etiket Fiyatı
79,00 ₺
Hata Bildir


Black Beauty is a beautiful, strong and well-behaved horse. He is born in a farm with good masters. He has a good mother and a good environment but when his master's wife gets sick, they sell the horses to settle in a warmer place. Black Beauty's adventure begins there. He is sold to different masters. Some treat him very well, some not so well, and some treat their horses terribly. He makes a few friends throughout his journey. He is especially fond of Ginger and they become best friends. After being sold to many masters he is sold to his final home and he has a good master in this farm. He is happy there but he misses his mother and Ginger.

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